The Cleanest Line
Paul Moinester

Paul Moinester

Before trucker hats and polarized sunglasses were a fixture of his wardrobe, Paul Moinester spent years wearing a suit and tie championing major conservation initiatives as a senior legislative aid in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tired of being an armchair-conservationist, Paul escaped from his deskbound life and spent the next two years wading waist-deep into endangered waters across the United States and Ireland. Now based in Seattle, Paul runs Last Frontier Strategies, a collective of outdoorsmen/women working to address some of the planet’s most significant conservation challenges.


Photo: Dave McCoy

A Bittersweet Victory

May 25, 2017 May 25, 2017

The stakes were high and the odds were long. A wild Alaskan paradise, a frontier community and a tribe of Alaska Natives hung in the balance, their fates inextricably linked to the colossal coalfield beneath the headwaters of the Chuitna River and the coal barons who owned it. Unfortunately, for… Read More