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Alexandria started striking against climate inaction on December 14, 2018. She was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s Friday protests in front of the Swedish Parliament. She usually sits on this bench nearby the UN Headquarters in New York City with her two signs. “Most people pass me by, but some stop and ask me to tell them about my signs. One Swedish girl saw me one day and said she knew Greta and the student strike movement. We took a photo and she cried.” Photo: Joel Caldwell

Adults, Change Is Coming Whether You Like It or Not

By Alexandria Villaseñor   |   Mar 11, 2019 March 11, 2019

Alexandria Villaseñor is a 13-year-old climate justice activist and one of three lead organizers, together with Isra Hirsi and Haven Coleman, of US Youth Climate Strike. She is part of a global movement of students who are striking from school to protest inaction on climate change. The global… Read More

Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference

Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference

Oct 12, 2009 October 12, 2009

Every other year, Patagonia hosts what it calls a “Tools for Grassroots Activists Conference.” The conference originates in Patagonia’s desire to do more than write checks to environmental organizations. It’s something between a tribal gathering and a business seminar. The ways in which activists confront and publicize… Read More