The Cleanest Line


Illustration: Stephen Rockwood

Back Door to Baker

By Krissy Moehl   |   Aug 31, 2018 August 31, 2018

On clear days in the Pacific Northwest, views of Mount Baker depend on the marine layer and the storms. The 10,781-foot snowcapped dome is often obscured by the shifting weather, and though I’d grown up looking at the mountain, I didn’t see it much this year. But when Jeremy Wolf… Read More

Paddle Georgia Celebrates the South’s Rivers

Paddle Georgia Celebrates the South’s Rivers

Mar 16, 2010 March 16, 2010

Georgia River Network is a long-time recipient of Patagonia's Environmental Grant support that has been working for years to ensure the health of their watersheds. Over the years, they've increased the number of people involved in the protection and management of Georgia's waters by improving awareness of the… Read More

Just Visiting

Just Visiting

By Jim Little   |   Dec 15, 2009 December 15, 2009

We don’t keep a formal visitor log here at Patagonia headquarters in Ventura; we don’t keep a formal anything. But we do see a steady stream of students interested in sustainable business practices, journalists who come to cover various aspects of the company, environmentalists promoting their issues, and athletes… Read More