The Cleanest Line


Photo: Joel Caldwell

Searching for the Snow Leopard

By Joel Caldwell   |   Aug 29, 2017 August 29, 2017

March 11, Saidi Tagnob Conservancy, Zighar, Tajikistan Odina, a Tajik ranger from the Saidi Tagnob Conservancy, squats alongside the cliff edge. With large field glasses pressed to his face, he scans the opposite mountainside for familiar movement. He motions excitedly for the spotting scope. I squint hopelessly across the ravine… Read More

Photo: Dylan Tomine

“Real Life” Science

By Dylan Tomine   |   Apr 8, 2016 April 8, 2016

Both of my kids love their science classes in school, and Skyla often mentions wanting to be a marine biologist when she grows up. So when the field biologists from the Wild Fish Conservancy invited us to participate in some beach-seine sampling, as part of their project to assess juvenile… Read More



By Chris Malloy   |   Aug 30, 2013 August 30, 2013

I’ve always noticed that people who have “dream jobs” are too preoccupied with their passions to realize they even have an occupation. That’s were our little film series preOCCUPATIONS comes from. All of the characters we spent time with were very different, but they share one common characteristic: they are… Read More

We Still Need to . . .

We Still Need to . . .

Apr 22, 2010 April 22, 2010

  When I was kid in the early 80s, collecting stickers was a big deal. This was well before roof-top sport boxes, so we used sticker books. Among the favorites in my modest collection was a bright and glittering one that shared coveted centerfold real estate with all… Read More

Rios Libres: The Places In Between

Rios Libres: The Places In Between

Apr 1, 2010 April 1, 2010

Team Rios Libres has completed their journey through Patagonia, studying the potential impacts of 5 proposed damns on two of the region's wildest and most healthy rivers. Two of the dams are proposed for the Rio Baker – Chile’s longest and highest-volume wild river. The remaining three dams would be… Read More

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