The Cleanest Line


Kohl Christensen wrangling one of the forerunners as the swell began to build. Photo: Daniel Russo

Tales From The Third Ledge

By Sean Doherty   |   Aug 10, 2018 August 10, 2018

Six years ago, when that famous wave broke on the Third Ledge at Cloudbreak—tearing down reef, tearing through time, majestically unridden, surfers scrambling for their lives—there was one question left hanging in the air like sea mist. As the last wave washed through the lagoon and slunk back into the… Read More

Gallery: Chris Burkard Surf Photography

Gallery: Chris Burkard Surf Photography

By Kasey   |   Oct 13, 2011 October 13, 2011

"I think we say a lot about who we are through our work." —Chris Burkard One of the joys of working at Patagonia is dropping by the photo department and peeking at the recent submissions. We share the best of the best in our catalogs… Read More

Making a difference, one kid at a time

Making a difference, one kid at a time

By John Dutton   |   Apr 20, 2011 April 20, 2011

As a book editor at Patagonia I work in obscurity, helping writers make the best of their story. I like it that way, but don’t often hear about how the projects I work on impact their readers. So an email from a great friend in… Read More

Photo: Joe Curren

In Haida Gwaii

By Malcolm Johnson   |   Mar 4, 2011 March 4, 2011

I’d been dreaming about Haida Gwaii for as long as I could remember. Or, if not quite as long as I could remember, at least since my time as a skinny, bespectacled kid in public school, staring wide-eyed at the Haida totems in front of the Royal British Columbia Museum. Read More

The Hover Board

The Hover Board

Dec 10, 2010 December 10, 2010

We posted some pictures on Flickr a few weeks back of a surfboard that Stru built during some of his off hours. We got such a reaction to the pics that we decided a Q&A with Dr. Read More