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Is Global Warming Affecting the Surf?

Is Global Warming Affecting the Surf?

By Belinda Baggs   |   Aug 23, 2007 August 23, 2007

Global warming may be a mainstream issue now, but it’s far from being cut and dry. Some people think it’s a myth (read the comments), some think it’s the end of the world and the rest see it as something in between. The scope and complexity of the… Read More

Cold-Water Bali or Myth?

Cold-Water Bali or Myth?

By Tony Butt   |   Dec 28, 2015 December 28, 2015

“Just go in,” said the woman’s voice. “There’s nobody there at the moment but the house is always left open. Yours is room two, upstairs.” I was calling ahead to the small guesthouse where we had booked a room. Slightly bewildered, I looked across at my traveling buddy, Martín. Read More

Above: Cylindrical left. All photos: Patch Wilson

Wwoofing and Waves in New South Wales

By Patch Wilson   |   Aug 22, 2012 August 22, 2012

Spending a few months in Oz this year, I was looking for a way to not blow my budget. I didn’t want to spend every waking moment living out the back of my van, constantly scrimping and saving. I wanted to surf as much as possible on one of… Read More