The Cleanest Line The Cleanest Line

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In 2008 the National Forest Service designated the upper part of the Path of the Pronghorn migration route as the country’s first designated wildlife corridor. The Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act seeks to build on this legacy. Photo: Joe Riis
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Inventory’s Done

Inventory’s Done

May 1, 2007 May 1, 2007

Our coworkers in Reno have completed their inventory count. Orders are once again shipping. Thanks for your patience. [Via Famous Don of the Month; with thanks to Timo]… Read More

Spring time in the Sierra. Photo: Christian Pondella

The Sierra Snow Wolf

By Max Hammer   |   May 24, 2019 May 24, 2019

On the west face of Mount Whitney, just off the summit of the highest peak in the lower 48, we had to traverse right. For us skiers it was no real issue, a bit of sidestepping and poling would do the trick. Yet, our group was comprised of both two… Read More