The Cleanest Line


[Photo: Yvon Chouinard screengrab from The Simplest Solution and 180° South.]

On Tumplines

By Yvon Chouinard   |   Aug 22, 2011 August 22, 2011

Today’s post – about one of the simplest pieces of gear we’ve ever made – comes from Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard. It originally appeared in the 1980 Chouinard Equipment Catalog.  When I was at a ski show recently, walking by the booth of one of the largest pack manufacturers,… Read More

Photo: Colin McCarthy

Experimenting with Naturally Dyed Clothing

By Joyanna Laughlin   |   Jun 8, 2017 June 8, 2017

Forty-five years ago, the old school North American outdoor uniform was basically colored in khaki, denim blue and olive green. Not only were the colors monotonous, but the dyes used were mostly petroleum based. Imagine no Craft Pink as vivid as the beavertail cactus flower. No Galah Green as bright… Read More

Photo: Kevin Ahearn

A Different Path: Living in Southern Chile with Bureo co-founder Ben Kneppers

By Brooke Ortel   |   Feb 8, 2016 February 8, 2016

Patagonia’s $20 Million & Change fund [Update: the investment fund is now called Tin Shed Ventures.] was launched in 2013 to help innovative, like-minded startups bring about solutions to the environmental crisis and other positive change through business. Or, in Yvon’s words, to help entrepreneurs and innovators succeed in “working with nature… Read More

Post-Adventure Laundry, or De-Stinking Your Clothes

Post-Adventure Laundry, or De-Stinking Your Clothes

Sep 15, 2007 September 15, 2007

“The scent of these armpits is aroma finer than prayer.” – Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass Stink. Funk. Putrescence. Miasmal malodorous mank. Each of us has our own finely tuned threshold for bad smells. But it’s safe to say this universal holds true: there comes a time when our clothes… Read More

Photo: Old School

From the PCT to MVTR

By Old School   |   Jul 16, 2008 July 16, 2008

In 1974 a friend and I celebrated our high school graduation by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Of course we weren’t suspect of our gear at the time, but looking back I can’t believe how much of it was really ill-suited for the job. Read More

[Above: Mid-back (rhomboid) release. All photos Lydia Zamorano Collection]

My New Travel Companion

By Lydia Zamorano   |   Jun 20, 2014 June 20, 2014

I’ve found my favorite yoga and bodywork prop. Not only is it made of wood, but it’s perfectly portable, fits into the side of any backpack or duffel bag, and takes up next to no space in a van. It works kind of like other massage canes would (but it’s not… Read More

Hiking Boots with a Lighter Footprint

Hiking Boots with a Lighter Footprint

By greenewsurfer   |   Feb 18, 2011 February 18, 2011

Building an environmentally conscious hiking boot that’s also a top performer is no easy task. Design and construction are complex; so is the supply chain. As Backpacker magazine put it: “Boots are the most complex gear in our kit, with numerous components – fabrics, leathers, soles, shanks,… Read More

From the Trenches series – The Belay Parka

From the Trenches series – The Belay Parka

By Kelly Cordes   |   Jan 28, 2011 January 28, 2011

Like flocks of swirling swallows or shimmering schools of tropical fish, our customers swoop in with mysteriously synchronized concerns and questions on a regular basis, prompting the need for ready answers. Times like these, nothing would be more handy than magically beaming knowledge out into the ether. Building on his… Read More