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A Watershed Moment for Wild Salmon

A Watershed Moment for Wild Salmon

By Steven Hawley   |   Aug 16, 2011 August 16, 2011

We have advocated for over 10 years that the best way to achieve this second goal is by removing the four lower Snake River dams and allowing the salmon and steelhead a fighting chance to finish their upstream journey of many miles (as long as 900) home to spawn. Read More

Memorial Day Marg Recipe

Memorial Day Marg Recipe

By Kelly Cordes   |   May 27, 2011 May 27, 2011

I like the idea of dancing skeletons. They seem happy and free. I like dancing, too, though I don’t do it much, at least not in public (be grateful; I just do the same disco moves over and over again while sporting my whiteman’s overbite). But I love the… Read More

Bummed on the bus. After failing on their first attempt, Nellie and Brittany contemplate their next shot. Photo: Cedar Wright

Unusual Suspects

By Brittany Griffith   |   May 3, 2011 May 3, 2011

My springtime objective (okay, to be perfectly honest, it has been a dream of mine for a long time) of free climbing Zion’s Moonlight Buttress was quickly unraveling. My partner, Nellie, had spent the previous night projectile vomiting in a rental van. Puke everywhere—in her shoes, on her pack and… Read More

Desert bloom in Indian Creek. Photo: Andrew Burr

Desert Rembrance

By Brittany Griffith   |   Apr 26, 2011 April 26, 2011

Early spring means it’s desert season. Well, it does now. Fifteen years ago it meant belaying my boyfriend on his three-year sport-climbing project in the Virgin River Gorge. Now, I spend March and April weekends climbing sandstone splitters in the beautiful desert of southeast Utah. Back in the 1990s,… Read More

Operation Algeria – Part Five

Operation Algeria – Part Five

By Jonathan Thesenga   |   Feb 28, 2011 February 28, 2011

Day 14 and our last here in southern Algeria. As is our tradition on international climbing trips we got a hotel room for our last night in-country as a way to smooth the transition back to the “real world” and finally take a shower. It was Brittany’s birthday yesterday… Read More