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Captain Bumbly and the Hammershark

Captain Bumbly and the Hammershark

By Kelly Cordes   |   Jun 8, 2012 June 8, 2012

Dammit Hammershark, I mumbled as CFS and I began rapping from Mammoth Terrace – 10 pitches up El Cap – to the ground, in the dark. Someone had forgotten our food bag. Granted, Hammershark had nothing to do with it, but he was outvoted. (We had to blame someone.)… Read More

A fun Saturday on Lumpy Ridge. Photo: Kelly Cordes

Park Rumors

By Kelly Cordes   |   May 17, 2012 May 17, 2012

“I hear Tommy had to carry you out of the Park the other night,” the Danimal said over the phone. “Carried ya in his strong arms like Kevin Costner with Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard.” Dammit. So this is how rumors get started. Rewind. First, last weekend,… Read More

Above: Donini high above the glacier in Northern Chilean Patagonia. Photo: Kelly Cordes

An Outing with Donini: Puzzles (Part Three)

Apr 27, 2012 April 27, 2012

Puzzles When we stood there, scoping the face with binoculars and discussing possibilities, somehow I thought of Jim’s story about why he got into the military some 45 years prior. He was a teenager driving on the turnpike in PA – near Philly, where he grew up – and… Read More

Discussions of Influence

Discussions of Influence

By Kelly Cordes   |   Apr 20, 2012 April 20, 2012

Dave Graham wasn’t holding back at the Outlook. For those who don’t know, Graham is one of the best rock climbers to come along in the last decade. We were guests on a live on-stage radio show, by ClimbTalk, at the Outlook… Read More

The boat times, with CF Scariot (left), Kelly Cordes (reading) and Andrew Gram (drinking). Photo: Dan Gambino

Kids of the Times

By Kelly Cordes   |   Mar 30, 2012 March 30, 2012

Silence. So rare, so nice. Four recent days of disconnected bliss – from the e-world, that is. But fully connected in more natural ways, like with climbing, food, friends, a river and beer. My only reading was on paper, not on a screen. It was nice, anyway, until a leisurely check of… Read More

The infamous namesake of the Compressor Route. Photo: Kelly Cordes

Cerro Torre: A Modest Proposal

By Kelly Cordes   |   Mar 9, 2012 March 9, 2012

Seems most of us have moved on from the latest climbing world drama. Thank god. So I’ll sneak-in a quick suggestion that nobody can disagree with: Put the compressor in a museum. Uh-oh. I just remembered that this is climbing. And this is the Internet. I should revise… Read More