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Gerry Lopez Australia Tour Webisode 1

Gerry Lopez Australia Tour Webisode 1

By Patagonia Australia   |   Apr 30, 2012 April 30, 2012

If you missed the Patagonia Gerry Lopez Surf Is Where You Find It Australian Tour, don’t fear! Due to high demand we have produced a three-part webisode series of the tour. Watch Part 1 here, and listen to the words of wisdom and tales, new and old, from the man himself, Gerry Lopez.

Introduced by good friend Wayne Lynch, Gerry and Wayne chatted about the yesteryear when surfing was in its infancy, the hundreds of waves they rode and sessions they shared.

Gerry went on to reflect and comment on his book, Surf Is Where You Find It. Every word from Gerry was well thought-out, insightful and inspiring. Nothing could be said better than from the mouth of Gerry himself. If you were there, it was a life changing experience, if you weren’t you really missed it.

This is the first of three webisodes, so make sure you don’t miss number 2, coming soon!

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