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Thanks for a Great Bike to Work Week!

Thanks for a Great Bike to Work Week!

By localcrew   |   May 19, 2008 May 19, 2008

We’re pleased to offer this recap of BTWW ’08. We couldn’t have asked for better participation, or for more generous sponsorship. Our pedalers covered some serious mileage (breakdown after the jump), but thanks should always come before stats. So without further ado, a hearty THANK YOU to all of the sponsors who generously donated raffle prizes and giveaways:


Ben & Jerry’s
Planet Bike
Sus Corez
New Belgium
Resource Revival
Clif Bar
Tom’s of Maine
The City of Ventura
MDH Skin Care Studio
Anacapa Brewing Company
Cafe FioreCafe Bariloche


Bad Ass Coffee


Jersey Mike’€™s
The Sojourner Cafe
Island Packers

Reno’s en masse ride and the DC’s crowded bike racks.


Here’s the final breakdown from our Ventura, CA HQ and International Distribution Center in Reno, NV.

From our Ventura dispatch:

This week we collectively rode 2637 miles, a 658-mile improvement over last year. Thanks go out to all the departments who hosted breakfasts for this week’s riders:

The Green Team
Accounting and Creative Services

Thank you to the kitchen — Micah, Nick and Marian — for working with all the breakfasts and the extra dishes and so forth.

A huge shout-out goes to all of the Ventura BTWW team members, without whom all of the good times, prizes, and treats would not have been possible: Alex, Amber, Anthony, Betsy, Brandon, Chipper, Dana, John, Maggy, Maile, Megan, MJ, Ryan, Stephanie, Valerie, and of course, Lisa  M. . . . and a special thank you goes to Joyce for filling in for Chipper all week.

Thank you again to all the Bike Clinic folks: Brandon, Chad, Damien, Mark, MJ, Steve R, Steve W, Steve S, Alex and Stuart.

And finally, we’d like to thank Officer Brown of the Ventura Police Department for the safety talk he gave to all the kids in child care.


From Team Reno:

We had 73 riders participating in B2WW.08; a huge success!! With a peak day of 60 riders and an average of 55 people riding in daily, we broke two of the most important records from last year. 2008 saw 10 more participants on average per day over 2007’s numbers. With a total staff count of around 200 people, that means a daily average of 27.5%, with a full 30% of employees participating on the peak day.

Total mileage = 2,935.5 !!

We had a total of 32 riders complete all 5 days of riding (with a helmet, of course). These folks earned the right to participate in the drawing for the New Belgium Bike. Congratulations go to Lloyd Stradley, the official winner!

According to Bike Metro and the EPA, by riding our bikes instead of driving this week Patagonia employees kept the following amounts of pollutants out of the environment:

Total Hydrocarbons = 34.368 Lbs
Total Carbon Monoxide = 256.531 Lbs
Total Carbon Dioxide = 5104.41 Lbs
Total Nitrous Oxide= 17.061 Lbs
Total Gas= 253.3 Gal

Not bad. And these stats don’t even include the retail store employees. Their numbers are still being tallied. We’ll share the winner of the Retail Challenge as soon as we can. Until then, how ’bout some pictures?

Reno’s Bike to Work Day celebration


All eyes forward as the week’s New Belgium Cruiser winner is announced


Another winner: Distribution Center director, Dave Abeloe has the face of a man coming to terms with his fate. A pie in the face is the price he’ll pay for helping out with the week’s fund-raising activities.


Always an eye toward quality, QC Manager Luz Rule makes sure the job is complete.


Ventura’s Bike to Work celebration


And the New Belgium Cruiser goes to … Crist!


The grateful winner


Sus Corez sang sweetly while the gang guzzled Fat Tire


Huge thanks once again to the folks at New Belgium Brewery for allowing us to follow their folly. See you in the bike lane.

Good luck Ilysia, we’ll miss you!

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