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Retail Bike Challenge Winner Announced

Retail Bike Challenge Winner Announced

By localcrew   |   May 22, 2008 May 22, 2008


The results are in!  It has been an interesting Bike to Work Week in the retail sector with many east coast stores battling less than favorable weather conditions as well as unseasonably warm temps in the west.  The great thing about Bike to Work Week is that it’s different for every location.  The commuting distance, terrain, traffic, weather, all play a large part when relying on human powered transport.  For some locations biking just makes sense and for others it takes a little creativity to make it work.  Even with the challenging conditions, the stores stepped it up and remained committed to human powered transportation.

It was a tight race to the end between the top two locations, Westport, CT and Palo Alto, CA.  We’ve kind of been looking at it as an East vs. West battle for the New Belgium Cruiser.  The stores had been swapping rankings going into the weekend with leads as high as 50 miles or more.  It was close, but Palo Alto was able to pull off the win with 993.7 miles while Westport came in just shy with 982.5.  Congratulations to Palo Alto, the cruiser is pretty sweet!  The total mileage for all of the stores came out to 8,707.72 with an average of 378.6 miles per store.

According to Bike Metro and the EPA, our Patagonia Retail employees kept the following amounts of pollutants out of the environment:

Total Hydrocarbons = 53.704 Lbs
Total Carbon Monoxide = 400.862 Lbs
Total Carbon Dioxide = 7976.272 Lbs
Total Nitrous Oxide= 26.66 Lbs
Total Gas= 395.8 Gal


While some stores racked up the mileage others were more focused on complete employee participation.  Portland, Boston, Washington D.C., Reno and Freeport Outlets, Seattle, Pasadena, Santa Monica achieved or came near to 100% human powered during the week.  Check out our Soho store as well, with an average of nearly 11 people riding to work per day!  Portland, the winner of last year’s Retail Challenge, also does a year long in-store commuting incentive program and Boston decided they want to keep the event going for the entire month of May!    Great work stepping it up again this year and showing the difference human powered transportation can make.

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